Our Friendly Staff

Fabulous Trainer!

Mike Christoff has been my personal trainer for over 6 years in Oroville, WA. I have had many trainers in the past but none as competent as Mike. He is not only competent but so on the leading edge of all new exercises in stretching, weight training and safety.

He has kept me in good shape both physically and mentally. I will miss Mike more than I can ever say. He will be an asset to any training facility.
-Joan Cool, Redmond, WA

Makes you want to return for another workout...

I highly recommend Mike Christoff for your personal trainer needs. Takes the time to find our what you would like to achieve and builds on that.

Always positive and encouraging, Makes you want to return for another workout. His establishment Bodystar Studio in Gig Harbor offers the newest and top of the line equipment to utilize for your workouts.

Please check them out.
- Debbie Barnes, Burien, WA


I highly recommend Mike Christoff as a Personal Fitness Trainer.

My wife Christina has multiple health issues (MS, five spinal surgeries, shoulder surgery, damaged knee, peripheral neuropathy, balance problems…). Over the years we have seen many Physical Therapists, some good, some not so.

We were referred to Mike by a close friend. We had to pay out of pocket for his training, and I was hesitant since insurance pays for a PT. But based on the very positive recommendation from our friend we decided to try a few sessions. I am so glad we did, and Christina has been a client for about 4 years.

Mike is a Personal Fitness Trainer, but compared to every professional Physical Therapist that we have seen he easily outshines them all. While other PT's have Christina do routine sets of exercises, they tend to be boring, repetitive, and unimaginative. Mike on the other hand is creative, enthusiastic, and positive, in addition to his deep knowledge.

In nearly every session he came up with something new, specific to Christina’s needs. That in itself astounds me, and he clearly thought about her between sessions. Mike is more knowledgeable than any PT we’ve seen. He knows every muscle and how to activate them in multiple ways. He has an interest in physical therapy, and combined it with his expertise to help Christina improve. He pushed and inspired her, but with a strong eye out to prevent injury. She was never injured by any of her sessions.

On top of all of this, Mike's positive energy & personality made our sessions one of the pleasures of our week. I enjoyed being around Mike & Christina as they engaged in interesting conversation that made the sessions fly by. The proof of his skill as a trainer shows in how much Christina improved. Christina is much better physically and mentally because of Mike.

If Mike moves from here we will miss him greatly as a person and as a trainer. Mike is one of a kind, and it is unlikely that we will find his equal. But our loss will be someone else's gain. Mike is a training genius, a genuinely good person, and I highly recommend him.

Jeff & Christina, Tonasket, WA

His style of training is especially good for older people...

Mike trained me for 5 years, two to three times a week on a regular basis. By the end of the first year I realized it would be hard to shop for his skills in a major market like Seattle. His style of training is especially good for older people, with a non destructive emphasis on range of motion, stretching and strength.

We heavily used all types of balls, bosun balls, bars, free weights and a host of other tools. I have successfully rehabbed a dislocated shoulder and am close to normal with a 25 year old torn ACL. Today, I exercise on my own using the toolbox Mike gave me during our sessions and have actually improved certain ranges of motion, helping to abate the ravages of age. I wish him success in his new studio.

-John Biele, Oroville, WA