Gig Harbor Personal Fitness Training

Gig Harbor Personal Fitness Training Programs

Bodystar Studios offers creative, high-quality corrective exercise training in Gig Harbor, WA, using an individualized fitness program provided by experienced professionals using state of the art equipment in our private Gig Harbor fitness studio.  This type of setting is designed for personal or partner training and individual massage therapy. 

Individuals and athletes needing general fitness and conditioning in the 30 to 60 years age range will benefit from this type of personal fitness training program.  We also offer a program for 55+ seniors, that focuses on core strength, balance and flexibility. 

Sessions are competitively priced at $85 for Individual personal fitness training sessions and $80 for packaged sessions.  Group training 2 people at a time $100 per session.

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State of the Art Fitness Equipment

Here are a few of our pieces of high-end, state of the art fitness machines that we use with our personal fitness training programs.

The Power Plate

The power plate offers a variety of options for people of all Fitness levels. Using high-frequency vibrations, it can fire muscles constantly while exercising... making it an intense workout. Other variations include: warm ups, balance/flexibility enhancement, and joint stimulation, strengthening of tendons and ligaments, and lastly, muscle relaxation after an exercise session. Definitely worth experiencing!

Commercial Inversion Table

The inversion table makes an interesting addition to body star Studios. Spinal flexibility, increased circulation, and muscle relaxation make for a nice end of workout stretch session


Stationary Heavy Bag

This high rated stationary heavy bag from Power Systems offers a fun and energetic way to burn calories and tone up. Also up to par for boxing and kickboxing enthusiasts or athletes.

Airdyne Performance Bike

Whether you are looking for high intensity interval training or cardio endurance, this bike will match whatever you put into it!


Rowing Machine

This unique rowing machine uses actual water as resistance. Makes for an enjoyable workout session while challenging you at the same time.

Polyurethane Dumbbells

Durable free weight dumbbells with nice grips feel good in the hands while lifting.


Core Equipment

Different medicine balls for different modalities have you covered on all fronts. Fun and dynamic at the same time.

Mi7 By Hoist

Dual sided Smith machine with dual cable attachments up to 200 pounds on each stack. Different chin up and dip variations and complete with a TRX training strap meets strength training goals.


High Performance Rebounder

This piece of equipment comes in handy in that athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike can work on their reflexes while strengthening their muscles and core