What We Do at Bodystar Studios

Bodystar Studios of Gig Harbor provides elite individualized personal fitness training and massage therapy in a boutique studio setting, meeting the special needs of athletes, seniors and those needing post therapeutic conditioning.

Your Personal Fitness Needs

Our personal trainer clients are looking for alternatives to overcrowded gyms and spas, frequently staffed with less-experienced fitness professionals, that focus on using boiler plate techniques.  We also offer fitness services for 55+ seniors, that focuses on balance, strength and flexibility.  Healing massage therapy is available for L&I and PIP clients.  We serve athletes of all ages for sports specific goals; including high school athletes, college level and professional athletes.

Our Personal Training Solution

Bodystar Studios offers creative, high-quality corrective exercise training and healing massage therapy, provided by experienced professional trainers using state of the art fitness equipment in a setting designed for personal or partner training and individual massage therapy.

Why We Are Different

Bodystar Studios competes locally with the larger gyms such as the YMCA, which is frequently overcrowded with long waits to access fitness equipment.  Other gyms focus on providing specialty group classes, cross-fit, power lifting or kick boxing.

Bodystar Studios provides all of the above, under one roof, in a smaller studio setting of one to two partner training sessions.  Additionally, massage therapy is offered as an on-site therapeutic service.

COVID-19 Protocol in Effect

1. Masks are to be worn upon entering the studio. And during exercise when possible.
2. All doors in the studio are to remain open while training clients to ensure proper ventilation.
3. All Persons entering the studio will be temperature checked with a touchless thermometer.
4. All persons entering the studio will be subject to an oxcimeter check.
5. Clients will wash their hands and use canned sanitation prior to their work out*.
6. Fans will be activated for extra ventilation while the doors are open during every training session.
7. All clients will sign off on a Specific COVID-19 waiver prior to training.
8. Anyone who has come into contact with a person who is positive for COVID-19 will have to quarantine for 2 weeks before entering their studio with a negative test result.
9. Masks will be supplied for all clients before their work out if they do not have one already, Or if their mask does not meet standards.
10. The entire studio will be wiped down sprayed and disinfected with antibacterial products before, during and especially after each individual training session .
*The trainer as well as the massage therapist will wash their hands, wear gloves, and wear masks the entire time during the clients session

Our aim at BodyStar Studios is to keep both clients and employees healthy during this time.  By following these guidelines we feel we have the best chance to have great rewarding workouts and results without jeopardizing our health.  We look forward to seeing you here! Take care everybody!

Contact Us today, to find out more about our personal fitness training sessions.

BodyStar Studios opened in September 2018 and continues to answer your fitness questions, and meet and greet members of the community.  Contact us to schedule an initial consultation including body fat measurements and goal assessments.   Your goals are my goals; I will provide the motivation and knowledge expertise to attain your individual goals in a one-on-one fun friendly professional environment.

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State of the art fitness equipment

State of the Art Fitness Equipment

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